Why do you want to take care of a ticket?
Your driving record is very important to you!

Your driving record means a lot to you!


The traffic ticket will affect your automobile insurance rates, your personal reputation, your career and your driving record in the next three years! Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take it seriously and give priority to request trial by written declaration. 

We assure you that all the information you’ve provided will be kept strictly confidential.”

Processing Tickets /处理罚单的重要性

1.  Only by fighting your ticket seriously can you win the case and maintain a good driving record.

2.  If you waive your legal rights, plead guilty and pay the fine, you will get points on your driving record and your car insurance fee will increase.

3.  You are less likely to win the case due to your inexperience or the inconvenience of appearing at the court, for example, maybe there is a long distance from your home to the court.

4.  With the help of a team of professional lawyers, the odds of winning will be improved to the utmost extent.

Written Defense /书面自辩

If you’ve got a traffic ticket by accident, here are what you can do:

1.  Request trial by written declaration. (It is accepted states like California etc.)

2.  Plead guilty and pay the fine. (Points will be added on your driving record and will stay on your driving record for 3 years.)

3.  Attend traffic school. (You can go to traffic school if you have not attended traffic school for an eligible violation that occurred within the last 18 months. But if you hold a commercial driving license and were driving a commercial vehicle, you will not be eligible.)

4.  Hire a lawyer to represent you in the traffic court. (You are much more likely to win the case)


Among all those tips, we strongly recommend you to prioritize trial by written declaration.

We Promise / Sky Ticket 承诺

According to statistics, our team wins up to 90% of all our handled cases! Including:

1.  Cases don't have to pay the fine and no point is added on the driving record.

  2.  Cases need to pay the fine and no point is added on the driving record.

  3.  Ticket withdrawn.


If you choose to request trial by written declaration and lose the trial. Besides, all your rights will still be reserved. (See trial by written declaration page for further information).

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